Renato Bosco

His name is synonymous with innovation and genius, known as the KING of leavened products, Renato Bosco is a brand in the world.

His passion for baking has accompanied him since he was very young and, in recent years, it has led him to open Saporè-branded stores.

Currently he is a master of sourdough and keeps on studying on the Food of the Future, for which he is collaborating with the University of Bolzano. He holds courses for the public with his Officina della Pizza and participates as a guest and judge in various TV programmes. He is recognised as the first pizzaiolo leader in the production of panettone. He boasts prestigious consultancies for large industrial groups which permit him to constantly explore the trend and market evolution to monitor the future of pizza.

He has launched a new scalable business project that 100% embodies Renato Bosco philosophy and genius, aiming at taking the characteristic Italian culture of “bread, pizza and passion” beyond our borders. There will be three possible formats, available in different ways depending on the location, from the fastest “compact” to the slowest “tasting”. The idea is an all day long service that will allow to welcome customers throughout the day.

The project will be soon presented, in partnership with 3F Retail and on an exclusively basis, to a selection of entrepreneurs who particularly focus on the market evolution and on national and international consumption trends as well.