Patatas nana

The first Italian artisan potato chip made with only three ingredients becomes a corner shop

It is a product for true connoisseurs that is always at your fingertips, and it combines the artisanal production of the potato chips with just three ingredients, and no preservatives, or added flavours.

Patatas Nana, in its purity and integrity, allows the customer to personalise and enrich the potato chips according to their taste and creativity, with combinations and new recipes that are also recommended by the Chef and which are “kept warm” by the Nana_Lampada (lamp) that recreates the magic and fragrance of freshly fried potato chips. Patatas Nana is distributed in the best cocktail bars, in the most exclusive clubs, and in the most prestigious wine bars and bistros.

Starting with its great success and the appreciation of the public, Patatas Nana turned into a veritable brand development format, and opened its first “corner chips point” at the end of October 2019 in the Linate Airport.