Pan Polpetta

In a sandwich the best of the Italian culinary tradition and more besides, thanks to the recipes of Chef Vincenzo Cammerucci

Meatballs, a traditional product in Italian cuisine, represent in the Pan Polpetta format the evolution and contemporary need for a quick break, or a take away snack. Eaten alone or in a sandwich, they contain the wholesomeness and refinement of the recipes of Chef Vincenzo Camerucci, who, on a daily basis, interprets the needs, the changes, and the taste trends of the Italian cuisine.

Natural leavened bread, highly selected meat, and traceable, quality ingredients. Packaged in 1kg bags, they ensure correct storage, great flavour, and freshness.

The Pan Polpetta format is fast and very simple to manage for operators, and it is easy to place in various kinds of locations, as there are versatile, easy, fun concept solutions for shopping centres, airports, old town centres, train stations, parks, food courts and tourist areas.