Cuciniere Italiano by Angelo Troiani

Cuciniere Italiano by Angelo Troiani is an elegant and welcoming environment that has been designed to offer a fine dining experience, which will be ready soon.

This format is entirely dedicated to the flavours of the “Bel Paese” (Italy) in which traditional cuisine meets the technique and creativity of starred chef Angelo Troiani, patron of Convivio Troiani, which is renowned for having turned the traditional cuisine from Rome into an icon of modernity for the eyes and taste buds of the most famous gourmands.

The menu offers a variety of dishes according to the season and the raw materials that are available, the production cycle of local producers, and the sustainability of available ingredients, leading customers on a journey discovering the unique features of the regional cuisine.

The service is tailored to the time available to the traveller: from the classic sampling menu with three courses, to serving of the dishes together, which turns the sequence of Italian courses into a fater and simpler experience in an international style.