Cafè Barbera

Domenico Barbera in 1870 thought of coffee, of its perfection and opened his first Café in Naples where every day he served fresh roasted coffee.

5 generations that have believed in quality and authentic values for over 140 years. In 2004 the international franchising project called Cafè Barbera Company was born: traditional coffee shops serving high quality aromatic coffee.

Today Cafè Barbera is the No. 1 Italian chain of coffeeshop in the Arabic world, even present in 22 countries as well as in Europe, Asia and South-East Asia.

The spaces, the colours, the furniture and the excellence of the service come together in an elegant and nostalgic mood typical of the “good life”.

In a cup of Barbera coffee there is much more than just coffee.

The menu, inspired by Italian style, ranges over a wide selection of products based on the differentiation of taste: sweet and savory proposals that complete the offer in all time-slots, always respecting the highest corporate quality standards.