Vincenzo Cammerucci

Vincenzo Cammerucci is a true protagonist in the varied world of prestigious chefs.

Today, he is an example and a Master for the most famous culinary professionals; he keeps a balanced, low a profile, and is often out of the limelight, as he prefers the lights of his beautiful open kitchen, in the Camì farmhouse hotel, which is in the heart of the Ravenna countryside. For Vincenzo Cammerucci, however, cooking runs in the family: he started out with his brother, who is a chef, but his grandfather was also a cook, one of those who cooked for all the farmers in the countryside on the various feast days.

His experience with coni was crucial to his career, as it influenced his style, which tends towards simplicity rather than to the adding of flavours. Chef Cammerucci loves to pass on his passion to young people and collaborates with various catering schools; he also teaches courses to young people in San Patrignano, as well as the “Università della Cucina” in Colorno (PR). His world comprises products from the vegetable garden that are eco-friendly, as well as top quality, elegant, flavoursome dishes that enclose in the concepts of “genuine and good” and “simplicity and well-being” the cornerstones of his culinary philosophy.

“Eating the right food prepares the body of the young for the commitments they will face in their future lives; it keeps adults in the best possible shape, and counteracts premature ageing in older people”. In his creations you can perceive that he comes from Recanati, as he has always favoured ingredients from the Marche. With a sense of curiosity, he also searches for and experiments with precious contaminations of international scents, while remaining faithful to the Italian cuisine.

Chef Cammerucci’s creativity is a characteristic feature of the recipes of the Pan Polpetta project, all of which bear his hallmark.