Roberto Rinaldini

“Creator of dreams,” “enfant prodige of the Italian patisserie sector,” and “dessert designer.” These are some of the flattering names that he is known by thanks to his successful career that is backed by rigorous, disciplined training, and supported by his innate creativity.
Pastry chef, Ampi Master – the prestigious Accademia dei Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs) founder of Rinaldini Pastry spa, Roberto Rinaldini is a guarantee of quality. The “king” of quality and excellence in the field of Italian artisanal pastry making, he has created an original, modern and elegant style that stands out for its frequent forays into the world of fashion. Each one of his desserts is conceived as a unique piece, a tailored masterpiece, which entails a strict search for quality: from the selection of the ingredients, to the processing techniques, up to the choice of packaging, and the sales points. He has won many awards in various competitions in the field, and he is also the World Champion of ice-cream makers, and winner of the Best Dessert Award at the WPTC Team Pastry World Championship. He was elected pastry chef of the year during the 20th AMPI Symposium (Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani) and became a member of Relais Dessert, the prestigious French Association that brings together the world elite of top quality confectionary and chocolate making.
The twenty-year friendship with Mario Esposito, who has always been passionate about Roberto’s products, gave rise to the idea of retail development 2.0 and with Rinaldini Pastry spa the project took a new direction based on the idea of a luxury pastry shop that would be affordable for everyone, which also came about thanks to the collaboration of the entrepreneur Micaela Dionigi. Casa Rinaldini, which was inaugurated in October 2018, is the new 3500 m2 state-of-the-art, world-class production laboratory that ensures punctuality and quality, and traditional craftsmanship techniques that are employed in the creations of the Master in every Store:

October 2017 Rome, via del Tritone, in the new Rinascente;

April 2018 Milan, in via Santa Margherita a stone’s throw from La Scala Theatre; 
June 2018

Rome at the Termini railway station on the Termini Terrace.

October 2019: he inaugurated the first “travel” format store in the Milan Linate Airport in collaboration with the Mychef-Areas Group.